Sunday, 27 May 2012

HNW Unplugged, Disabled Records

A new noise label called Disabled Records has begun a series entitled 'HNW Unpluged' which aims to publish HNW music made under the following stipulations:
no electricity, no fx, no editing, no layers.
It's an interesting idea and certainly one thats been kicking around the HNW scene for a while, in one form or another. And so it's good to see people finally having a proper stab at it. You can stream the releases at the label's bandcamp page.
Here's the thing though; none of this really sounds like HNW, at all. No crunch, no crackle. No well-defined, abstract lines and angles of sound. It really just sounds like acoustic harsh noise or industrial and, in that sense, it's not really all that original sounding. Still, it's good enough for a listen. And I reckon there's always a chance someone might actually manage an acoustic piece of HNW at some stage, so I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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