Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Vol. I Review

Review on Musique Machine here.

Album of the month. So there you go.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Reviews & Theory etc.

I've noticed that with the few positive HNW reviews that I have seen (see 'HNW Reviews and Opinions' post below for some examples), that many are in what we might call an early stage of excitement; a sort of honeymoon period. These reviews tend to explain to the reader why HNW is a relevent and exciting new genre, highlighting its political aspects and philosophical connotations. In many ways I think this is what tends to draw people into HNW to begin with. Myself included. But I foresee a real watershed in the reception of HNW which will be important for the continued importance of the genre. I think this watershed will hinge on whether or not people can make the leap to analysing the specific aural aesthetics of HNW and begin to articulate where HNW begins and ends as a genre and to begin to identitfy artists based on there idiosyncratic approaches. Without this I would not be surprised if the growing interest in HNW dried-up sooner rather than later as people get bored with their inability to fully develop their understanding of the genre. On the other hand though, maybe HNW is somewhat impervious to such an analysis and that's all there is to it. It is quite possible that HNW is separated from other noise genres because it is fundamentally driven by a philosophical/political message. If this is the case then maybe writers, fans and wallers in general will never be able to articulate that je ne sais quois that separates a good peice from a bad one. I for one still find it difficult to put into words why I prefer one wall over another although I think its important that on Cannibal Ritual's forum ( there have been some posts which attempt to describe what frequencies and wave forms and interactions are appreciated and why. I suppose all genres, musical and otherwise, come to an important stage when they have to tackle the question of evolving without compromising an original aesthetic or philosophical ideal. Maybe we are approaching this in HNW. I know that I often feel the stress of how to make a new and exicting wall without drifting too far from the template. Sometimes I fear HNW will stagnate without developing a sophisticated method of critically analysing/articulating itself. Generally I tend to get bored and go and listen to Black Metal or Oi for a month but I always come back. Bit of a ramble but just some thoughts as they come to me.

Monday, 15 March 2010


... Hank Williams Junior the 3rd, whoever that is, uses practically the same image as an emblem as we do. Prick.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Free A View From Nihil Downloads

AVFN - Hymn of Nihil
This track uses the setup for the 'Triumph of the Broken Will' release. It didn't make it on to the cdr because its not particularly interesting, its just a long, heavy and powerful wall. Emphasis is on sheer power and brute force.

AVFN - Nocturnal Emmissions

I recorded this track a couple months ago. Would like to have released it but sometimes you just can't be arsed. Lots of textural variation/interaction between bass, crackle & blast.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Euro HNW Live in Paris

European HNW live in Paris featuring yours truly and other great acts.

17th of April @ Les Instants Chavires, 7 Rue Richard Lenoir 93100, Montreuil. Tax is 7 Euro, and the show starts early at 8:30pm, sharp!