Friday, 23 July 2010

Music of the Magnetosphere and Space Weather

Check out these absolutely awe-inspiring recordings by a man named Stephen P McGreevy who records V(ery) L(ow) F(requency) radio signals from solar winds. The wonderful cracks, hisses & pops should arouse the interests of Harsh Noise Wallers/fans of sound static and texture. There are also beautiful tones and drones throughout that should appeal to general noise listeners. The only let down is the brevity of the tracks but at least there are plenty of them. I'm already in the process of making some walls based around these sounds. I couldn't help it, it just touches my soul to hear the mechanics of the universe at work and I think that there is a certain affinity with HNW music in that there is a tremendous sense of order balancing delicately with chaos. That is to say the sounds themselves sound very alien and abstract but they are the sound of the universe at work and hence are part of an almighty order - its just we are too small and insignificant to interpret them, all we can do is observe it in awe. Very humbling.

Here is the man's website. Which explains all.

You can also listen to his music on here, here and here.