Saturday, 12 February 2011

HNW Archive Blog

A new archival blog of out-of-print HNW releases has been started by the HNW producer Gluttoness. Lucas (of the afforementioned Gluttoness project) briefly outlined his reasons for doing so thus:

1. [to] Give a website for labels and artists to promote themselves by making free versions of their old works available.

2. [to] Provide an archive of out-of-print material (which is the vast majority of it, due to the small runs generally associated with HNW) for fans who missed out on a release and would just like to hear it.

3. [to] Have a resource for those curious about HNW sound to be able to hear complete works without having to spend $$ on something they're not sure they'll like.

The more important concern, of whether this will indeed promote HNW development and creativity or lead to grindcore/suicidal-black-metal levels of stagnation and over-saturation via internet downloads, remains to be seen. Either way this much is certain, I will be using my membership to post important and/or interesting releases exclusively. The first of which is Vomir's Claustration. Although, given that the blog requires, quite rightly, permission from the artist before posting, posts may be few and far between.