Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sound Cloud

So a couple of us lot just noticed that you can upload up to two hours of material and use wav files instead of shitey mp3s over at

Which is good cause now there's a few HNW producers up there with some exclusive or out of print tracks - unclipped and uncompressed. Have a listen:

A View From Nihil
Cannibal Ritual
Flesh Coffin

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Troubled Sleep Zine # 1

Excellent Portugeuse noise tape-label Narcolepsia has put together a zine called Troubled Sleep. Its got interviews with VOMIR / FECALOVE / BACULUM / BACHIR GEMAYEL / ORDER OF NINE ANGELS / TRASH RITUAL / MENTAL FUNERAL / TSURISAKI KIYOTAKA - which makes it of high interest to wall fanatics. Send him an email to get yourself a copy:


Check out this blog entry entitled WALL MANIACS ISSUE No. 1. Has some reviews and looks like it might become a serial.

The "wall noise" genre is about getting away from persona in music and embracing the pure properties of sound itself. Whether these artists are coming from a militant standpoint of putting forth aesthetic terrorism or simply enjoying the properties of pure sound, the noise extreme has found an intense focus and purpose in the Harsh Noise Wall(s) style.

Sounds good to me.