Sunday, 20 May 2012

HNW Questionary; A View From Nihil interview

Over at the Noise Admiration blog, Sascha has devised what he calls a HNW Questionary. It's essentially a set of thirty-two incomplete phrases on the subject of HNW which he will be asking various HNW composers to complete. It makes an interesting change from the traditional interview format, and it is surely better suited to email correspondence, which has become the norm for underground interviews, than the old interview format. Sascha asked me to be the first to attempt the questionary, which I did gladly. You can read the AVFN edition of the HNW Questionary here. It features probably the most self indulgent response imaginable; cause I'm like that. Thanks to Sascha for asking, and I'm looking forward to reading the following editions, for I think the layout of the HNW Questionary will allow for some interesting comparisons and contrasts between different artists.

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