Saturday, 1 August 2009


The purpose of the Order of the Harsh Noise Wall is to publish words and audio which develop the Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) concept and sound. The Order will focus on the development of philosophical, spiritual, political and aestheic qualities of the genre. It is our belief that a distinct intellectual discourse is as integral to the quality and durability of a musical genre as distinct audio and visual aesthetics are. In order to promote this discourse the Order will make a series of audio releases in uniform packaging by various artists, each of which will be accompanied by a piece of writing authored by the same artist. This piece of writing may take any form; be it prosaic, poetic or free-form. The subject matter, however, will be rigidly concerned with HNW. These accompanying pieces will also be published on the Order's blog along with semi-regular posts of other material which the Order deems of interest to the HNW genre and mentality.

The Harsh Noise Wall is becoming more than just a sound. More than just a sub-genre or niche obsession. It is increasingly becoming our way of viewing the world and our way of life.