Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gaping Hole Tapes audio stream

All thirty-seven of the Gaping Hole tapes are now available to stream online. Gaping Hole was a sublabel of Scratch and Sniff Entertainment which focused on the nastier side of harsh noise. Since this sublabel got started in 2006, it managed to catch the rising wave of HNW, which was just beginning to make a name for itself as a recognisable subgenre. Hence you'll find a lot of great, classic even, wall and HNW tracks by many of the early masters (Infirmary, Vomir, Cannibal Ritual, Paranoid Time, Last Rape, Piss Horn, Wince, Rusalka etc).
Seriously, there's some properly high-quality walls going on here, and the good news is that, even though the sublabel has folded, you can still find most of these tapes out there. Do yourself a favour.

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