Monday, 2 April 2012

A Portrait of Eliane Radigue

A Portrait of Eliane Radigue (2009) from Maxime Guitton on Vimeo.

"It's like looking at the surface of a river. There's an iridescence around the reefs, but it's never completely the same, according to the way in which you look, you see the golden flashes of the sun or the depths of the water. In a swimming pool you can see the reflections of the ripples on the bottom or have a vision of the whole and let yourself be carried away by what I call 'dream gazing', or fix on a detail and make your own landscape. There you can make your own soundscape."


  1. Really great, thanks for posting. I didn't listened to any of her music yet I've read about it a lot of times. I can see very interesting similarities with HNW.

  2. Aye, Eliane Radigue is so very under rated, but she's a massive influence on my own material. Still haven't got access to all her work yet though. It's not easy to find physical copies at a decent price or downloads at a decent bitrate. But its worth grabbing what ye can, when ye can.

  3. Got a hold of Tilogie de la Mort 3xCD the other day for decent price through amazon. It may be her greatest release, so check it out if ye can. Unfortunately, the cover art and layout in no way reflects the beauty and subtlety of the audio, but it does come with a booklet filled with some good contextual info in both English and French.