Wednesday, 22 February 2012

AVFN 'The Eternal Present' Review

'The Eternal Present' by A View From Nihil has been reviewed over at the Noise Admiration blog. For a while now, Sascha (the editor/author of Noise Admiration) has been establishing a new high-standard for HNW criticism by examining the style within the broader cultural context of music, art and philosophy. His reviews can be nothing less than the product love and inspiration, for he has clearly worked on them with as much determination, skill, and care as any of the music he has chosen to review, if not more so.

There's not a lot I can add to Sascha's observations and commentary, except to say that I more or less agree with them, and that, whilst I can imagine that his pointed condemnation of certain common practices amongst HNW artists will cause a certain amount of controversy amongst said artists, I have to say that I always consider it a good thing for someone to challenge mediocrity and meaningless creation. And I'm flattered that he has chosen an AVFN release as his spring-board to do so. Of course, Sascha's point is not exactly an original one, and the distinction made between those for whom HNW is an end in of itself, and those for whom such creation is merely a means to a much greater end, could be, and indeed has been, made equally for all forms of art. But what is most important here is that someone has finally started to unpack HNW using the tools of wider artistic criticism. This is surely the only way forward.


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