Thursday, 4 March 2010

Free A View From Nihil Downloads

AVFN - Hymn of Nihil
This track uses the setup for the 'Triumph of the Broken Will' release. It didn't make it on to the cdr because its not particularly interesting, its just a long, heavy and powerful wall. Emphasis is on sheer power and brute force.

AVFN - Nocturnal Emmissions

I recorded this track a couple months ago. Would like to have released it but sometimes you just can't be arsed. Lots of textural variation/interaction between bass, crackle & blast.



  2. Nocturnal Emissions is still available through the AVFN bandcamp, although t has been renamed Nocturnal Transmissions. I swear I had no idea what a nocturnal emission was when I first named it! Actually got that original title from an article about monasticism in a historical journal I was browsing but never read the article. Woops.

  3. Oh, and Hymn of Nihil is gone for good methinks. Might have a master on disc somewhere, but I don't think it was every that great anyway.