Saturday, 27 February 2010

Vol. I - A View From Nihil 'Triumph of the Broken Will'

We live in a decadent civilisation which robs us of our ability to shape and define our destiny and hence robs us of our spirit and identity. Western man has been gradually separated from his natural environment, his spirituality, his fellow man and finally from himself. Life has been reduced to an animalistic base as we drift from one empty satisfaction of technological convenience to another.

Art and culture no longer carry any grand or heroic ideals but rather seek to stimulate base emotions through ugly and abstract forms. Art and culture rarely serve as little more than distractions from the torment of perception – no longer seeking to order, interpret or explain the world around us but preferring instead to excuse it, replace it or deny it with an increasingly less interactive and more atomised and abstract alternative.

We were promised technological salvation but have been led to an air-conditioned hell by the false idols of progress who sought to remove the struggle from existence, not stopping to think what would be left. For life in essence is struggle and the will to participate in that struggle and make it one's own is the most sacred characteristic of man.

The Harsh Noise Wall is the soundtrack to our spiritually vacuous and culturally bankrupt age. There is no struggle here. There is no spirit. No personality. No society. There is nowhere else to go. Nowhere to progress. This is the end product. This is the end.


***First full-length concept piece I've done for a while. AVFN continues its simultaneous condemnation and veneration of all that is modern with three meditations of hate combining grinding static, off-time static rhythms and bass-heavy power-drone. Fifty-seven minutes of true harsh enlightenment. Limited to twenty-five copies. Comes in jewel-case with uniform Order of the HNW cover design and with Order of the HNW emblem sticker.Each booklet contains a written piece penned by the artist (see above).***

***SOLD OUT***

Single Volume - £5 (UK) - £5.50 (EU) - £6 (US)
Both Volumes - £9 (UK) - £10 (EU) - £11 (US)

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